Welcome to the Skating Club of Brewster’s new website!

 Our next test session will be in October, 2016. Thanks to all skaters, coaches, and parents who participated in our August 13 test session.

–Alison Insinger, Test Chair, SC of Brewster

The Skating Club of Brewster is a not-for-profit organization whose members are recreational and competitive figure skaters. The club, based at the Brewster Ice Arena in Brewster, New York, gives skaters a chance to measure their progress through tests and competitions, to have fun in shows and outings, and to support each other as they practice toward their next goal.

Home Club Member Benefits

  • USFS membership allowing member to compete and test representing SC of Brewster
  • Test sessions (member fee is reduced)
  • Annual BBQ and other outings

Dues (will be going up for 2016-2017 due to increased fees to USFS)

  • Home Club Member, Junior $134/year (under 18 years, includes parent or guardian membership)
  • Home Club Member, Senior/Adult $90/year (18 years and older)
  • Subsequent Family Member, $54/year (additional siblings under 18)
  • Introductory Member, $56/year (for skaters graduating from Basic Skills, limited to one year per skater)
  • Professional Member (Coach), $60/year (must be USFS-CER compliant)
  • Associate member, $60/year
  • Collegiate member $120/four years

Club Jackets

The pro shop at the Brewster Ice Arena will send out your skating jacket for embroidering with the club logo. The fee is $25 for the logo on the back, $30 for the logo plus the skater’s first name on the front. Support your club and your home rink!

Embroidered Blade Towels

$5 each ($8 for non-members)